Grant Morrison And Neil Gaiman Talk Batman, Robin And That Cover Everyone's Talking About

BatmanDespite what you may have seen on the Internet, the cover art floating around that’s purported to be for Neil Gaiman’s upcoming Batman two-parter, "Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader?" It’s not real.

“That wasn’t the cover,” Gaiman said Sunday (November 9) at an event commemorating the 20th anniversary of his "Sandman" stories.

“What it was, was a trial of an idea to draw the cover of 'Batman' #1,” Gaiman explained, “and it didn’t work out really well.”

However, the new Andy Kubert cover did, and Gaiman said it looks “amazing,” plus has the added bonus of being “more what the thing is really about.”

Then, realizing he may have just said too much, Gaiman would only allow himself to say just slightly more than what he’s told us before. “It starts at a little bar, and Selina Kyle and Joe Chill come along,” he said, “and after that, it gets really odd.”

Though the issues will come after Grant Morrison’s “Batman RIP” run, and Morrison will pick up the series again after Gaiman’s guest bit, the two will have nothing to do with each other, both writers said.

“What it was, back in the ‘80s, when they wrapped up Action Comics and Superman, they asked Alan Moore to provide a two-issue finale to the whole legend of Superman up until that point,” Morrison told us, “and Neil was asked to do the same kind of thing for Batman. It doesn’t tie-in. I think it’s going to quite a personal thing. Think of it as Neil Gaiman’s Batman. It’s not about continuity. It’s more kind of an overall look at the whole mythos.”

“It’s certainly a last Batman story,” Gaiman allowed. “It’s my last Batman story.”

“And then I go back in,” Morrison said. “It’s more the new status quo. It’ll be the new Batman, the new Robin. We’re going to see who those guys are.”

Well, what do you think this means for the Caped Crusader, folks? And would you like to see more of Gaiman's Batman? Let us know in the comments!