Neil Gaiman And Penn Jillette To Adapt 'The Road To Endor'

Neil GaimanSo comic book author and novelist Neil Gaiman isn't adapting Charles Burns' "Black Hole" -- but what is he adapting, then, from the pool of works not his own? (Besides “Fermata,” that is).

Gaiman’s teamed up with Penn Jillette (of Penn and Teller) for “The Road to Endor” (and no, it has nothing to do with Star Wars). Written by EH Jones, it’s a true story of two World War I prisoners of war, one of whom was an amateur magician, who trick their guards into believing that they are in touch with the spirit world to plot their escape from a Turkish prison camp. Using Ouija boards, séances, mentalist scams, poltergeist effects, and fake suicides, they convince even the Camp Commander.

“It’s more fun to adapt someone else’s work into a movie than my own,” Gaiman said, “because then I can do the horrible violence to it that you might have to do, that I wouldn’t dare do to mine. As an author, it’s hard to go there by going around the back, and cutting this off, and that off, which you have to do so as not to make a ten hour movie.”

Gaiman said they’re still looking for a director, but they have a producer in Hilary Bevin Jones, the granddaughter of EH Jones, now that she’s wrapped on “The Boat That Rocked.”

“We were waiting for her to get free,” Gaiman said, “because she owned the property, and because she’s one of the premiere producers in the U.K.," having worked on "State of Play" and "The Girl in the Cafe." "She was a television producer, and she just finished her first feature film, and now that she’s off that, she’s on to ‘Road to Endor,’ which is going to be very exciting.”

What do you think of Neil Gaiman and Penn Jillette working together? What else would you like to see them do together?