Aussie Olympian Matthew Mitcham Covers Beyonce On a Ukulele

When he's not busy representing his country at the Summer Olympics in London, diver Matthew Mitcham chills out in the – apparently very warm – Olympic Village with his ukulele. He's uploaded a video of himself crooning to his official YouTube channel, joining the U.S. swim team in its attempt to have a little viral fun with a Youtube cover of a pop hit. And what song is the 2008 gold medalist showcasing for all of his fans? Beyonce's "Single Ladies," of course.

Mitcham says he uploaded the clip "because someone on twitter asked me to upload a video of me playing the ukulele."

You can gripe that he didn't opt for a more current song, but at least he didn't toss his hat into the "Call Me Maybe" cover brigade. Also, it's pretty perfect and undeniably adorable!

Check it out:

"I profess to be neither a great instrumentalist nor singer, I'm just an Olympic diver who likes to strum away in his spare time," Mitcham wrote in the video's description. "I think this is where I am supposed to credit Beyonce or something."

What do you think of Matthew's crooning? Do we have an Aussie Jason Mraz on our hands? Let us know in the comments below!