British Pop Heartthrob Olly Murs Kicks Off 'Ollympics'

Olly Murs

Looking to have a little fun as the 2012 Summer Olympics take over his native England, pop singer Olly Murs is challenging his own athleticism – and the prowess of those in his band – by holding his own "Ollympics."

"I'm really excited about it, and of course, I wanted to keep my American fans interested in what I'm doing. I thought this would be really funny and do some viral stuff online, just me knocking around and the band sort of doing different events. It's me against my band," Murs tells MTV News. "The U.S. fans have been tweeting in what they'd like me to do, so we've collected all them together and we've done the Ollympics, which should be fun."

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For his first challenge, the U.K. pop sensation, who toured the U.S. earlier this summer with One Direction and will release his stateside debut, In Case You Didn't Know (a hybrid of his hit U.K. debut and sophomore albums), on September 25, took on an actual Olympic event: Table Tennis. It did not go well for the 28-year-old heartthrob.

Check out the exclusive clip below:

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"I thought that the band wouldn't be as good as they were. We decided the first game is of course table tennis, which of course is an Olympic sport," he says. "I did not win, which is pretty shameful, but you need to watch the rest and you know it's good. It's quite fun."

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Future Ollympic events will be featured on Murs' website. Fans wanting to join in the fun can tweet at the star @ollyofficial with the hashtag #ollympics.

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