'The Crow' Gets A Classic Soundtrack: Wake-Up Video

The 1994 film "The Crow" is considered a cult classic for a number of different reasons. Star Brandon Lee (son of legendary martial artist and actor Bruce Lee) died during the making of the movie, creating an eerie parallel with his father and forever preserving Lee in the body of the Crow character. The film itself was a fantastically moody, violent supernatural revenge tale, full of noir touches that fully showcased the skills of director Alex Proyas (who would later go on to direct the moody sci-fi fantasies "Dark City" and "I, Robot"). But "The Crow" became notorious in rock circles for having one of the greatest soundtracks of the era. That soundtrack was released on this day in 1994.

The soundtrack to "The Crow" features some of the biggest rock acts of the era, including Stone Temple Pilots (who launched the single "Big Empty" from the album, which also appeared on their second album Purple, released several months later in 1994), Nine Inch Nails (covering the Joy Division classic "Dead Souls"), Rage Against the Machine (doing a re-recorded version of their b-side "Darkness of Greed") and Pantera (tackling Poison Idea's "The Badge"). The cumulative effect was an air of darkness and foreboding, which provided a perfect tag team partner for the movie itself.

Both the film and the soundtrack were a great success, and they each spent time on top of their respective sales charts. In addition to all the hard rock, the soundtrack also featured a ton of goth tracks from the likes of the Cure, My Life With the Thrill Kill Cult and Jesus and Mary Chain. In honor of one of the greatest movie-related collections of the '90s, check out Jesus and Mary Chain's "Happy When It Rains."