Rush Limbaugh Is Too Soft For 'Family Guy'

"Family Guy" has certainly had its ups and downs. It's been canceled and revived a couple of times. Its air time and day have moved. It's been sued for all kinds of infringement (not guilty!). But this Sunday, the fictional residents of Quahog face a very real threat. Conservative talk-show host/ talking head Rush Limbaugh.

When Brian learns that Limbaugh (voicing himself, of course) is in town for a book signing, he decides to bum rush the revered right-winger with a dose of liberal thinking. But Rush's book -- and some heroic action on behalf of Brian -- change his thinking, and overnight Brian becomes an arch conservative.

So conservative, in fact, that Brian accuses Rush of being "soft" on liberals and Rush washes his hands of Brian and his extremist views. One can't help but wonder what Herbert thinks of all that.

Good for Limbaugh for playing along and "laughing at himself." The song-and-dance shenanigans all go down Sunday night at 9 p.m. on your local Fox station.