With Chelsea Handler As VMA Host, No Celeb Is Safe

I wasn't sure what to expect when we sat down to interview VMA host Chelsea Handler (apparently her name isn't Chelsea Lately). If you've ever seen her show on E! — yes, I watch it — she's a perfect combination of good looks and a sharp tongue, so you can understand that I was a little anxious for our interview.

As it turns out, I wasn't the only one. Sure, Chelsea hosts a national show on E! every weeknight, but she's never hosted a show on this scale before. And with all eyes on her this Sunday at 9 p.m. ET/PT (I told her a billion people are watching; she bought it), she's a little nervous.

I've seen her rip people apart on her show, and I didn't want to be next on her menu, so we treaded carefully. She arrived on site for her first rehearsal, and just before she made her way to stage, we sat down with her for a quick minute. Dressed for business, Chelsea came in, all smiles, as we talked about everything from nerves before the big show, MTV's big headline about her "probably" sleeping with Eminem on show night, her love for Lady Gaga (who she thinks will end up the big winner of the night, beating out Em), Justin Bieber (she called him a sexual deviant, LOL) and circumcision (yes, out of blue, she asked if I was or not ... still not sure why).


She's taking no prisoners on VMA night, and no celeb is safe. Stars, you have been warned. Expect insults, jokes and a lot of funny.

What are you expecting from Chelsea at the VMAs? Share your thoughts in the comments!