Taylor Swift Hosts 13 Hour Meet And Greet, Plays Stadiums, Is Running Out Of Things To Accomplish

Since its initial release way back in the fall of 2008, Taylor Swift's album Fearless has evolved from merely a great album into an award-winning, multi-platinum-selling worldwide juggernaut. There is scarcely an award or achievement Swift hasn't been given regarding Fearless, and she recently parlayed her fame and exposure into her first-ever headlining stadium show last weekend (at Tiger Stadium on the campus of Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana). She'll play another huge show this Saturday (June 5) at Gillette Stadium in Foxborogh, Massachusetts (home of the New England Patriots) that is nearly sold out.

She also has another big event coming up, as she has announced that she will spend 13 hours at a meet and greet for fans on Sunday, June 13 in Nashville. Starting at 8 a.m., she'll meet as many fans as she can and play a smattering of acoustic songs over the course of the day. And it's all free. It's a staggering event that shows her devotion to her fans as well as her ability to draw people out (she'll most certainly be mobbed for the better part of those 13 hours).

There's just one problem: With all those massive shows, record-breaking sales and staggering awards, Swift is really running out of things to do. If she's going to keep kicking it up a notch, she's going to have to do one of the following things.

Perform on the Moon

Swift probably has the means to launch her own space program, which means that she might as well literally shoot for the moon. She'd have to figure out a way to get her fans there and construct a moon-friendly venue, but it would be totally worth it to be the first concert on the moon and to be able to play "You Belong With Me" with limited gravitational intervention.

Umpire a Perfect Baseball Game

Actual professional baseball umpires can't get this right, but Swift has the capacity to do just about anything she puts her mind to. As a bonus, she'd be the first woman to umpire a Major League Baseball game, which would kill two birds with one stone.

Annex a Small Nation

Swift is only 20 years old, which precludes her from running for most public offices at the federal level. But that's small potatoes anyway, since a star of her stature should be able to aim bigger. That's why a small island nation should hand the keys over to Swift and let her have the run of the place. Her country would be like Sammy Hagar's Cabo Wabo, except with less tequila and more actual government.

Figure Out Time Travel

Taylor Swift will no doubt be a star for years to come (again, she's only 20 years old), but why can't she be a star in the past? If she manages to perfect the technology that Dr. Emmett Brown theorized in "Back to the Future," she can move through wormholes and collaborate with literally anybody. Sure, we can finally hear the tag-team between Swift and Woody Guthrie, but there's also the Swift and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart team-up to hear as well.

Cap the Gulf Oil Leak

Since all of BP's solutions have run aground, why not call in Swift to toss something against the wall?

Cut an Album With Kanye West

It's never going to happen, but their powers combined would sell more copies than just about anything else we could dream up.

What else does Taylor Swift have left to do? Let us know in the comments!