Justin Bieber Invites Fans Into His CD Booklet

Everybody knows that 15-year-old Canadian R&B phenom Justin Bieber got his start after he posted some videos of him singing online, but his true ascension to stardom only got started when he began directly embracing his fans. With the help of Facebook, YouTube and especially Twitter, Bieber has amassed an incredibly passionate following of fans who are able to keep up with him no matter where he is in the world. He has been excellent at nurturing those relationships as well (he regularly tweets back to fans who ask him questions).

Now he's taking another step in the fan interaction process. In preparation for his forthcoming album My World 2.0 (for which he just recorded a new song), Bieber is offering a special "fan pack" the includes a bunch of bonus goodies but primarily allows fans to have a personal photo included in a fold-out mosaic that will be included with the CD. The individual fan photos will take the form of the singer when put together, further driving home the literal idea that Bieber is all about the fans.

In addition to the opportunity to have your face in Justin Bieber's CD booklet, the fan pack includes a copy of My World 2.0 (which hits store shelves on March 23), an instant download of his current single "Baby" (which features a guest rap from Ludacris), a photo of the singer, entry into another "Golden Ticket" contest and pre-sale access for Bieber's summer tour. All of that will set you back $19.99.

And just in case you're coming up short on Valentine's Day ideas (it is this Sunday, if you forgot), then you can still grab your Bieber-approved "One Less Lonely Girl Bouquet."