'Hope For Haiti Now' Turns Superstars Into Fans, MTV's Tim Kash Reveals

You know you're in for a special night when you spot a former president speaking with the Boss and the Material Girl.

Just before President Clinton joined MTV News backstage to talk about Haiti's rebuilding process, he ducked into Bruce Springsteen's rehearsal of "We Shall Overcome."

Afterward, Clinton and Springsteen stood center stage catching up. Seconds later, Madonna joined into the conversation. I was off in the wings. Still, can you imagine being a fly on the wall for that one?


From what I could see, President Clinton did most of the talking, but both stars listened intently. (I imagine those roles pretty much reverse in their regular lives.)

When Wyclef walked in with some Haitian musicians, we were all confused at first. No one knew who they were; because we thought he was just performing "Rivers of Babylon." But then at the end the event, he added some extra flair to his set.

His full-tilt Haitian-influenced performance was awesome. Wyclef, he's been working incredibly hard in this moment. While the mood of the telethon was appropriately somber, in the middle of Wyclef's performance, he said, "You know what? It's about rebuilding Haiti. Let's give them something to listen to!" And he went right into authentic Haitian music.

Wyclef was truly representing Haiti. He had the Haitian flag around him and instruments made of just metal and wood. They were handmade and painted, which was a cool touch.

In the backstage area, everyone was just chilling and being supportive of the event. Wyclef was there, going around, talking to everyone. Mary J. Blige was watching everything.

Instead of just doing their job and leaving, so many stars went backstage and watched the telethon. They milled about backstage talking and texting donations too. Everyone was a fan tonight, stepping up, pitching in, cheering on their peers during the performances.