50 Cent: Too Cool To Self Destruct

Of all the artists that pass through the MTV headquarters here in New York every week, there are few that bring the same level of excitement to the building that 50 Cent does. With his fourth studio album Before I Self Destruct set to hit stores, the G-Unit General is hard at work on the promo trail talking about everything from music to his rivals. Interviewing 50 never gets old. He has as much charisma as he does bottles of Vitamin Water in his fridge, so whenever he comes in for a big sit-down interview you never know what to expect.

It's an interesting time for 50. He's nearing the end of his five album deal with Interscope, and he appears to have come full circle, as the aggression of his debut Get Rich or Die Tryin' is matched only by the new album. Despite having a reported $300 million in the bank and an empire that spans clothing, beverages, books and movies, it's refreshing to see that 50 still approaches each interview as if it was his first.

We started by breaking down the album, picking out some key songs including "Baby By Me" and his collaboration with Eminem on "Psycho." We touched upon his recent rivalry with Jay-Z and his longstanding relationship with Dr. Dre and Eminem both inside and outside of the studio. He broke down some standout lyric,s including the line on "So Disrespectful" that addresses Dre's position in 50's beef against the Game.

In the video for "Baby By Me," 50 takes on the role of a suburban father complete Kelly Rowland playing his wife and three Argyll-wearing kids. So we asked him if this could ever be a possibility for the hip-hop heavyweight or if it will have to remain a video fantasy. And somehow we got into that game you play with your friends: Halle Berry or Megan Fox? Halle or Angelina Jolie? Megan or Jessica Biel?

Yes, we went there. And he answered. Stay tuned to MTV News all week for more on 50 Cent.