'America's Next Top Model' Coach Miss J Gives MTV News Staffer A Walking Lesson

I'm not quite sure how to best introduce this next piece of footage, so I'll keep it brief.

We have this guy here at MTV News called CJ. We love him. He's awesome. But CJ has a problem. He walks funny. There's really no way to describe it apart from the fact that he walks like he's possessed. Even if its just a few steps or a couple of blocks, CJ walks everywhere like he's being chased by a serial killer or worse. Arms flail, his mop-hair bounces and people stop and stare. We've all kind of become immune to it here at MTV News, but for CJ's own sake, we felt that something had to be done.

When J. Alexander — also known as Miss J, the runway coach and judge from hit reality show "America's Next Top Model" — stopped by the MTV Newsroom for an interview (he's promoting his new book "Follow the Model: Miss J's Guide to Unleashing Presence, Poise, and Power"; stay tuned for more from the interview later in the week), MTV News' Rya Backer and I decided to stage an intervention for our friend CJ.

Miss J has made a career out of teaching girls how to strut on "Americas Next Top Model" and has helped some of the world's most iconic models develop signature walks. But we knew that this was going to be his most daunting task yet. Could Miss J help CJ unleash his own poise and power? Check out the video below to find out.