Taylor Swift Joins Rare Company As Host And Musical Guest On 'Saturday Night Live'

Taylor Swift will join an exclusive group of VIPs that includes Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears when she appears on this weekend's episode of "Saturday Night Live."

Pulling double duty as both host and musical performer, Taylor has her work cut out for her this week. When we stopped by the "SNL" studios to catch up with the starlet, it was pretty clear that Taylor is very excited.

It was my first time visiting the "SNL" studio, and despite not growing up with the show in England, the nostalgia was not wasted on me. Back home in the U.K., we have our ways of getting the show, even though "SNL" doesn't air on TV. We're pretty innovative when we want to be.

At the show, Taylor walked in looking casually chic in an argyll jumper and tights. She greeted everyone in the room with a big "Hi guys!" Standing on the mezzanine with the "SNL" studio over our shoulder, Taylor and I talked on her upcoming double duty, her sense of humour and the fact that she bravely told writers that nothing was off limits.

And we couldn't let Taylor go without squeezing in some questions about her favourite new songs off the re-released Fearless album, what and who she's writing about and the musical direction of her next album. Look out for more from the interview with Taylor Swift in the coming days.