Tokio Hotel Talk Fashion, Fans And Theme Parks In Candid Sit-Down

There's something very likeable about the boys from Tokio Hotel. They may be siblings and share the same screaming girl demographic as the JoBros, but the similarities stop there.

With no disrespect to Gustav or George (who sit quietly in the back row chiming in once in a while), most of the attention is commanded by the two brothers sitting up front, Bill and Tom Kaulitz. After all, they are the Noel and Liam of the group.

After talking about their latest offering Humanoid — which features a bigger, bolder and more electronic sound — we talked on the importance they place on being in control of their own image, music and lives.

In Bill's case, you might think he has the perfect frontman image for a pop-punk band that was cleverly devised by a room full of record label executives. But it was interesting to hear that the now-famous trademark spiky hair, eye make-up, leather jackets and chains are all his own creation. Since the beginning of their deal, Bill has turned down his label's offers to hire him a stylist. Instead, he prefers to stick to his guns and design, cut-up, make outfits and dress himself. A fan of fashion, Bill has aspirations to have his own line of clothing one day.

And then there's Tom. He too has a trademark look, and while Bill talks about hoping to one day meet his soul mate and fall in love, Tom is ... let's just say a little different, preferring to fall in love with a different girl each night.

It wasn't all groupie talk. We spoke about the sci-fi image around their new album and where it came from. We talked about what it was like being in one of the most popular bands around right now. While so many actors and artists complain about the fame, these guys love it, with Tom openly admitting that he wants more. But what choice do they have? The hopes of a normal life are well and truly out the window. There aren't many places in the world that they can go without getting mobbed by their fans. So when I asked them what was the last "normal" thing they did, I was a little surprised when Bill said it was when they rented out an entire theme park for a day. If that's a normal day with Tokio Hotel, I'd love to see what they do on a special day.

We look forward to seeing big things from Tokio Hotel in the future!

Check out the interview in full to see Tokio Hotel talking "Twilight," girls, crazy fans, style and Adam Lambert.