Getting Dressed With 3OH!3 For The Video Music Awards

As the excitement for the Video Music Awards builds, so does the workload!

By 10 a.m. yesterday morning, we were filming in Times Square, talking to members of the public about Janet Jackson's soon-to-be unforgettable tribute to the King of Pop. The vote was unanimous: Janet Jackson stepping up to take center stage at the VMAs for a hotly anticipated tribute got a big thumbs-up from everyone we spoke to.

Then it was a quick trip downtown to the old CBGB club that is now home to the John Varavtos store (he's one of my favourite designers). Inside, Sean from 3OH!3 (the band known best for their massive single "Don't Trust Me") was shopping for his VMA outfit. It's been a big year for the guys from 3OH!3, who found almost overnight success with their debut single. The VMAs are going to be their first awards show ever and quite a bit removed from their hometown of Boulder, Colorado. In fact, the VMA red carpet that stretches down Sixth Avenue will actually be the first red carpet they've ever set foot on, so they're determined to do it right.

When I walked into the store to meet Sean, he was busy putting the finishing touches on his outfit. With tight black jeans, gray worn-down boots, a gray knit hoodie and a black jacket, it was clear Sean was going for the rock-and-roll look that Varvatos does so well. After all, their poster boy is Perry Farrell. Topped off with some necklaces including a small dream catcher that he bought from a "small hippie store" in Boulder a few days ago, he was good to go.

As it's his first red carpet, we thought we'd put him to the test with some rapid-fire questions. After all, on Sunday the world's press will be lined up ready to grill the new band with all types of questions, so we thought it only correct to help him get in the zone.


Then we talked with Sean about his expectations from his first big awards show and of course his nomination in the Best New Artist category. When I asked him if he fancies his chances, he was a little hesitant. That's understandable, especially considering he's up against the might of Lady Gaga. We shall see this Sunday, when the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards finally arrive.