Ashlee Simpson Talks 'Melrose Place,' Shares VMA Memories With Tim Kash

It was just last summer that I would get on a plane every Wednesday morning and fly across the country from New York to L.A. to shoot our show "FNMTV" live on a Friday night. It was one of the best summers ever, made even better by the wonderful people that worked on the show and their extended families.

Ashlee Simpson

Cue Pete Wentz and his wife, Ashlee Simpson. Working on the show was the first time I had ever met Pete and Ashlee properly. At the time Ashlee was heavily pregnant with Bronx, and Pete was juggling his duties with Fall Out Boy, who were back in the studio working on their new album, and his new role as "FNMTV" host. From day one, they were genuinely the nicest couple ever. We've been friends ever since, so when Ashlee stopped by the studio today, it was great to see her, as always.

She's a triple threat. A singer, a mother and an actress, adding the new "Melrose Place" to her ever-growing résumé. The prime-time soap is being revitalized with an all-new cast and a new complex. (But don't worry, die-hard fans: The swimming pool is still the centrepiece of all the action!)

She's already eight episodes into filming and truly enjoying playing the character of Violet Foster, who Ashlee described as slightly "creepy" and "obsessive." Sounds perfect for Melrose Place.

We spoke about her VMA predictions for this year, and she reminisced about the last time the VMAs were here in NY. It was in the early days when Pete and Ashlee were first talking — and Pete actually skipped all the VMA afterparties and red carpets to go and watch a movie with Ashlee. Sweet, huh?

Pete, who's in L.A. at the moment, did manage to crash the interview in spirit. Throughout the entire "FNMTV" summer, I would get a haircut before every live show — kind of like a preshow ritual — and Pete always found this habit of mine pretty funny. So at the end of the interview, he sent Ashlee a message: "Ask Tim if he got a haircut today." Pete, if you're reading this, the answer is "No!" (I'm getting one tomorrow ;) And next time we do an interview together, we'll do it at the hairdresser! That's a plan.