Wale Takes The Ultimate Video Music Awards Quiz

Back in January, MTV News ran a series titled "The MCs to Watch in 2009." Only a mere eight months later, two of those MCs -- Asher Roth and Kid Cudi -- are nominated for the Best New Artist category at the upcoming Video Music Awards, and Wale has just been announced as the leader of the official house band. There are big shoes to fill for Wale, especially after last year's dynamic duo of Travis Barker and the late DJ AM rocked the VMAs with a blistering set that helped to make it the party of the year.

Earlier this week, I met up with Wale in the middle of Times Square to celebrate his new job as the official house band for the VMAs, talk about his forthcoming album Attention Deficit and get his take on who he thinks will be walking away with a Moonman. But before we got to business, we wanted to put Wale to the test. We had heard that Wale was an expert at all things pop-culture, so with the awards just round the corner we wanted to test his knowledge with a VMA quiz. For the last couple of days, Big Ben the Intern has been hard at work putting together a super quiz for our VMA celebs and Wale was our first victim.

With his Allido Records/Roc Nation team standing close by listening intently and prepared to help the rap prodigy at a moments notice (that's good management, Rich), Wale moved through the questions carefully and surprised everyone repeatedly with one right answer after another. In fact, he only dropped one question out of 11 — and this was no easy quiz! See for yourself.

1: What song did Madonna perform during the first annual VMAs in 1984?

2: What comedian earned a "lifetime ban" after his 1989 VMA performance?

3: Which two rockers fought each other at the 1991 VMAs?

4: Who was invited to make a presentation to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the VMAs?

5: Who is the only VMA attendee to show up with a dress that only covered one of her boobs?

6: What artist performed in the 1999, 2000 and 2001 VMAs?

7: What city hosted the VMAs the only year it did not have a host?

8: Who is the only artist to win the award for Best Artist Website?

9: What artist was nominated to Video of the Year 4 times but never won?

10: Who was the first rap artist to win the MTV Video Vanguard Award?

11: Who are the only artists to win Best Pop Video two years in a row?