Kanye West: Burger Flipper? Rapper To Open 10 Fatburger Restaurants In Chicago

Kanye West has a treat for all the West Coasters in Chicago: The rapper's KW Foods LLC got a license to open 10 Fatburger restaurants in his hometown, Chicago Business reported.

The first burger joint is set to open up in September (date to be determined) at 15110 S. La Grange Road. He hopes to open a second Fatburger in January in the Beverly neighborhood. He also has a spot picked for the third location, but the lease has yet to be finalized. A spokesperson for the burger chain confirmed Kanye's plans.

Fatburger is a California burger institution and is In-N-Out Burger's biggest competition. And, well, we all know how much Kanye likes a little competition.

Are you excited Kanye is bringing a taste of the West to the Midwest, or should he just stick to show business?