See The 'Arrow' Cast's Most Embarrassing #TBT Photo Ever

Werk, Colton Haynes.

Throughout the past year or so, #TBT has morphed from a day to celebrate our awkward pasts to a day to celebrate our finest moments. Overall, our Instagram pages have become crowded with old study abroad pics, glamorous sorority shots, and summer wedding pics -- which is nice, but what we really want to see is that bad school photo you took in seventh grade, pre-braces removal and contacts.

Lucy for us, "Arrow" star Stephen Amell knows that social media is truly about basking in those awkward moments. Amell shared a four-in-one shot of Colton Haynes, David Ramsey, and John Barrowman in their formative years on his Facebook page on Thursday (January 15), and let's just say you'll never look at the men of Team Arrow (or their adversary, Malcolm Merlyn) in the same way:


Pretty good, no? Though we have to admit, Amell let himself off easy -- maybe he's just so handsome that capturing a less-than-perfect picture of him is physically impossible. Thoughts?

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