'Girls' Star Allison Williams Explains Marnie's Attraction To Booth Jonathan

The "Girls" of HBO have endured their fair share of awkward sexual encounters (Cabbage Patch lunchbox fantasies, anyone?), but perhaps the most cringe-worthy coitus came during Sunday's "Bad Friend," in which Marnie found herself beneath Booth Jonathan, describing the sassy porcelain doll positioned at the foot of his bed.

What exactly is the appeal of this "smidge of an artist," as Hannah put it? We went to the source for the answer: Marnie's alter-ego Allison Williams.

"It's a classic character, except it's written so specifically in this case," Allison explained. "He's just the kind of guy that you know better, for every reason, and yet you just can't avoid him. You just can't run away from him."

Especially when he shows up at your place of employment!

Now, if you haven't watched this weekend's episode, "It's a Shame About Ray" (made available early by HBO thanks to the Super Bowl), you should know that it features an infinitely sweet moment between lovebirds Shoshanna and Ray. We also spoke with actor Alex Karpovsky recently about the couple's odd-ball romance and what attracts them to one another. (Preview: "Ray's really sick of these ironic, hipster girls...")

It's all in the video above so get clicking!

What do you think of the fledgling romance between Marnie and Booth Jonathan? How about Shoshanna and Ray? Would you date either of them? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!