Teresa Palmer Promises Nicholas Hoult Will Woo You With His Eyes In 'Warm Bodies'

If you've seen the ads for "Warm Bodies"—or our weekly posts dedicated to the film—you're likely aware of the fact that Nicholas Hoult's character R doesn't do much talking out loud since he's a zombie, and zombies can't really communicate verbally aside from an occasional raspy grunt or moan. As such, that left Nicholas and co-star Teresa Palmer (Julie) engaged in an interesting and unbalanced acting exercise that had Teresa delivering the majority of the dialogue, while Nicholas reacted with his eyes and some sluggish body movement.

It's hard enough trying to approach someone you like, but can you imagine trying to get to know your crush if you couldn't speak to him or her? According to Teresa, however, Nicholas made it easy because he was so good at wearing his heart in his eyes.

"It was interesting. I thought it was going to be very challenging because I speak so much in the movie and Nicholas Hoult, who plays R, the undead guy I fall in love with, he really cannot express himself or communicate apart from a few grunts and groans," Teresa explained. "But he does a good job of expressing himself through his eyes and his body language—he gave me a lot still."

The Australian actress insists that it won't take much for audiences to fall in love with him like Julie does, and went on to give her co-star all of the credit for being able to say so much without speaking.

"I think it's so difficult for Nick to play this character, he really wants to express himself and communicate but he can't express himself with words, and Julie just doesn't shut up," she said, adding that the clear distinction between the two characters' communication methods makes you appreciate Nicholas' performance even more. "Nick just does it in the most beautiful way that the audience can tell how he's feeling without him having to say anything, it's just a testament to what an incredible actor he is."

"Warm Bodies" hits theaters February 1.

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