Shay Mitchell Is Worried For Spencer On 'Pretty Little Liars'

Because of all the drama and the constant state of suspense in which our "Pretty Little Liars" find themselves, it seems as though the only thing to be surprised about in regards to their storylines is when they have moments of actual happiness. I mean, it's not like they're little angels or anything, but it would be nice to see them relax and smile and laugh a bit more, right?

Thanks to a recent conversation with star Shay Mitchell, it seems as though we might get our wish—at least part of it.

"There is going to be moments of happiness for all the girls," Shay told Hollywood Crush. "Mona is back and they're all trying to suss out if she is really being good now and if things have changed with her, but I do feel though that each of the girls will have a little bit of happiness in there."

And what about for Emily in particular? Will she and Paige enjoy a normal, drama-free romance this season?

"Paige has been around for a while, and she's going to be in this season as well, which I love," Shay admitted. "We'll see where Emily and Paige go, but I think both of the girls will be happy."

In looking outside her own character's storyline, Shay said that she's very interested to see how the big reveal about Toby plays out with Spencer. (Us too!)

"That [storyline] is crazy. I'm really curious to see how Toby comes clean to Spencer about all that," she said. "I think when everybody sees how that takes place, because obviously she will be finding out, it will be very interesting."

And Shay isn't just playing coy about being interested in finding out what happens, she actually doesn't know. Why? Because the stars are kept in the dark until the very last minute.

"We get the scripts that we're shooting two days [in advance]," Shay revealed. "The writers want to keep us guessing and they don't want us to know too much because in interviews we can easily slip up, so it's probably a better thing that I don't know what's going to take place, I think it's good for everybody."

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