Peep The Pretty Costumes From 'Beautiful Creatures'!

If you're going to be first in line for tickets to "Beautiful Creatures" when its black magic romance rolls into theaters this winter, may we suggest: When you're not gasping at the gorgeous special effects or swooning over how cute Lena and Ethan look in lurve, take a moment to check out what everyone's wearing...and to be seriously freakin' impressed. Because after a chat with the costume designer, Jeffrey Kurland, we're anticipating some on-screen style in "Beautiful Creatures" that's as exciting as the story itself.

"It was an interesting job to say the least," he said, laughing. "The characters are extraordinary because they range in emotion, not just in their physicality, but in their emotion. They exude a presence that I needed to capture physically on screen."

Among the signature looks that Jeffrey created for the characters were two seriously drool-worthy dresses—one for heroine Lena to wear on the day of her claiming (the momentous occasion on which casters discover their own personal answer to the age-old question, "Are you a good witch, or a bad witch?"), and one for Ridley, her dark-affiliated cousin, to wear in her most climactic scene.

Of Lena's dress, he explained, "Because it's a major event in Lena's life, I wanted it to have a formality to it. And because she's either going to be light or dark, gray seemed to be the perfect choice."

You can see Lena sporting the corset-bodiced dress with an asymmetrical hemline on her character poster—and you can see it in action, too, since she'll spend most of the movie's second half wearing the heck out of it. (They had to make the dress five times over, in order to have extras on hand for stunts!) And Ridley's antebellum dress—a high-necked, more modern take on the gowns favored by ladies in the old South—isn't just a stunner, but actress Emmy Rossum's favorite (you can see her sporting it briefly in the video.) But don't think you're getting everything in this little peek behind the scenes, says Jeffrey.

"This is just a sampling, but by no means [all] you're going to see when you see the movie," he teased. "Hopefully you will enjoy that."

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