'Teen Wolf' Star Tyler Posey's Brush With 'Twilight' Stardom

From the outside looking in, being a working actor or trying to be one seems like far too much of a headache to give it any serious thought. (At least from my perspective, that is.) The road to fame and fortune is more often than not a rocky one, paved with more No's than Yes's.

MTV's new show "This Is How I Made It" is an exploration of some of those challenges in the biz, and this week's episode features a story of how "Teen Wolf" star Tyler Posey almost ended up in "Twilight."

"I got turned down a lot, one out of maybe every 3,000 auditions I book, which is an intense ratio," Tyler recalled of his early days as a young actor. "I would see this kid at auditions all the time, and I knew him. We had a very similar career, and we grew up in the same town, and eventually we became friends and started talking because I saw him at literally every audition, and it was Taylor Lautner."

One of those auditions was for the role of Jacob Black in "Twilight," which obviously went to Taylor over Tyler, but the "Teen Wolf" actor is nothing but happy for his friend.

"When it comes to acting, you're going to get turned down a lot. You can't over think it," he said. "When I don't get the part, I never dwell too much on it. So, yeah, I auditioned for 'Twilight,' Jacob Black. Taylor Lautner beat me.

"Congratulations, dude. That's a sick role. That's awesome. I hate you," he added with a laugh.

Tune into the newest episode of "This Is How I Made It" tomorrow at 12/11 C on MTV!

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