Star-Crossed Zombie Love: About The New 'Warm Bodies' Trailer...

If you've been following along with our "Warm Bodies" coverage recently, you'll know that this writer's affection for the book and upcoming film is turning into a love story of its own. I've obsessed over the first photos and posters and earlier this week dreamt up a list of things I hoped to see in the first trailer which, as luck would have it, hit the web ahead of its theatrical debut during "Breaking Dawn - Part 2" next week.

Now I've done a few of these trailer wish lists in the past but never before have my wishes been granted so fully. This trailer has everything I wanted to see and then some. Too much in a few places, actually.

The Great:

I am so happy to see Nicholas Hoult in action. We get to hear his witty narration, which serves as our window into his zombie world by way of his thoughts—gems like, "Why can't I connect with people? Oh right, because I'm dead," as well as his limited communication abilities by way of grunts and two-word sentences. In addition to his charming interaction with Julie (Teresa Palmer), which is the heart of this love story, we see a brief and subtly funny "conversation" between R and his best friend M (Rob Corddry).

Although they aren't at all great characters, I'm pleased with the look and design of the Boneys. Kudos to the visual effects team on this one because the almost-petrified and villainous zombies are super-creepy.

Room for Improvement:

For those of us who don't want to see the entire movie by way of one trailer, I'd like to make a request to the editing team to cut out the spoileriffic shot at the conclusion that basically gives away the ending of the movie. I like my trailers like appetizers: something to whet the appetite but not ruin it.

What do you think of the first "Warm Bodies" trailer? Sound off in the comments and on Twitter!