Looking For Zombie Love: Our 'Warm Bodies' Trailer Wish List

Nicholas HoultIf you needed another reason to be excited to see "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2," Aussie actress Teresa Palmer has provided one via her Twitter account, revealing that the "Warm Bodies" trailer will premiere ahead of screenings of the vampire romance.

You can tell from Teresa's tweet that she's excited about it, and we are too! Until now we've only had single images and posters of zombie-fied star Nicholas Hoult to look at, so we're eagerly anticipating actual moving images of the stars in action as would-be star-crossed lovers R and Julie. With that in mind, here's a list of our trailer wishes. (Minor spoilers ahead if you haven't read the book!)

R Speaks! Sorta

One of the most intriguing aspects of the book is the fact that the vast majority of the story is told through R's narration, mostly because zombies can't talk. I am very curious to see how director Jonathan Levine and star Nicholas handle that particular challenge, so I'm hoping for a few zombie grunts along with a sneak peek of R's narration.

A Love Story In Flashbacks

We could probably call R's attraction to Julie love at first sight, even if the circumstances under which they meet are a bit grim. What is that first-meet going to look like onscreen? And how did the filmmakers handle the eating of a certain soon-to-be-ex-ish boyfriend's brains? I'm hoping that we get at least one flashback into Perry's memories of his relationship with Julie, as seen through R's "meal," as it were.

A Glimpse Of The Boneys

If there is one complaint I have about Isaac Marion's unique story it's the Boneys, the freaky, really really dead zombies who kinda prey on the weak/not-untirely-dead. They're made out to be these odd overlords of the zombie world yet seem to me like a pack of predatory hyenas circling and looming in the dark. I don't like 'em, but I want to see what they look like in the movie.

Zombie Parody

Here's hoping the trailer showcase the book's humorous tone by way of a few jabs at zombie mythology and their stereotypes. I remember laughing out loud at some of the "Man, we're slow" jokes in the book, along with R's frustration in still having a high-functioning mind but not the appendages to match it.

The R And M Bromance

Speaking of humor, the fact that Rob Corddry is playing R's best friend M, should open the door for plenty of funny moments. Not slapstick, over-the-top comedy mind you, but the subtle dead-pan and/or tongue-in-cheek-type humor that you have to pay attention to. I'm especially keen on seeing a "conversation" between R and M since they can't actually speak using any full sentences.

What's on your wish list for the upcoming "Warm Bodies" trailer? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!