How To Be A 'Warm Bodies' Zombie: A Makeup Tutorial

Still in search of the perfect costume for All Hallows' Eve? Why not go as a zombie? They're so hot right now! And more specifically, how about making yourself (or your BF) up to look like Nicholas Hoult as R in "Warm Bodies?"

Just in time for the Halloween holiday, Summit has sent out this handy makeup tutorial for how to transform into a nice-looking member of the walking dead.

Here's what we learned from the tutorial:

-Be sure to apply a makeup primer so that your zombie face doesn't melt away or clog your pores.

-Green is the magic color for making you look less alive. Our zombie makeup expert advises painting a thin layer of green over any red areas on the face.

-Don't use any white face paint. "You don't want your zombie to look like a ghost," makeup tutorial lady says and advises that the perfect "dead skin" color is a foundation that is four shades lighter than the subject's natural skin tone.

-The secret to scary sunken eyes involves a combination of white contact lenses, red eyeshadow as eyeliner and dark gray or black eyeshadow brushed around the upper lid to make things look sunken and swollen.

-Use violet colors to contour cheekbones and darken lips. No warm, lively shades allowed!

-Paint on some dark veins on the neck using black or charcoal-colored shadow, then brush powder over them to make them appear like they're under your skin. "They should look more like skinny tree branches!" makeup lady says.

And, voila! You're ready to eat brains. Or, you know, fun-size Butterfingers.

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Will you be doing yourself up as a "Warm Bodies" zombie for Halloween? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!