'Pretty Little Liars' Halloween Special Introduces New Suspect In Ali's Murder!

Halloween always provides a fun excuse to reach out and touch something (or someone!) spooky. And no one takes advantage of the spirit of the season more than the clever folks behind "Pretty Little Liars," who according to the stars, seem to have served up quite the frightening Halloween-themed episode this year.

"The episode is in true 'Pretty Little Liars' fashion," Janel Parrish told MTV News at a special screening of the episode Tuesday night at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. "It's got twists and turns and is very creepy, very dark. It will keep you on edge.

"We got Adam Lambert," she continued. "He's making a debut on our show, and I heard he's a big fan of the show, so that was really exciting."

"I love me some Adam Lambert," added co-star Lucy Hale. "That was really fun because I obviously love him as a musician and love 'American Idol,' so I've followed him since then. Aside from his talent, it was so cool to meet someone who is real and genuine and surpasses what I thought of him beforehand. He's really cool."

While Adam seemed to have stolen a few scenes, Sasha Pieterse wasn't afraid to tout her own storyline.

"I personally love my scene, I'm just a little biased," she said with a laugh "But we find out about a new suspect, and you would never ever think of this person so it's twisted, it's cool. You see it in a new light. It's exciting."

Click play on the video above to hear more about the Halloween special (airing October 23) from the "Pretty Little Liars" cast!

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