'Pitch Perfect' Star Brittany Snow Turns 'Fifty Shades' Of Red Thanks To Anna Kendrick

As if you needed any more reasons to love or be charmed by Anna Kendrick, I am delighted to present a hilarious exchange between the actress and her "Pitch Perfect" co-star Brittany Snow. I know what you're thinking, "Is it hilarious because they talk about how funny their new movie is?" Well no, we covered that here, but it is hilarious because the conversation is about the unnecessary shame Brittany feels in reading "Fifty Shades of Grey" and the intriguing story about how she came to own the book, all because I asked an innocent question about what the ladies were reading.

"What am I reading? No, now I can't say it, I'm going to be weird," Brittany said, which led me to ask her directly if she was reading "50 Shades," since that's the only book people seem shy to admit they are reading.

"Oh my God, you are, you dirty little bird!" Anna exclaimed. "I can't believe I was naked with you!" ("Pitch Perfect" SPOILER ALERT: The two ladies share a singing-in-the-shower scene that is awesome for non-pervy reasons.)

"I just started it and I'm so scared to read it," Brittany said.

"Have you gotten to the dirty bits yet?" Anna asked.

"I haven't, I just started. It's making me uncomfortable," Brittany answered. "I'm going to have to finish it but it's going to take me a while because my boyfriend might be weirded out."

"Be honest though are you reading it on a Kindle?" Anna asked, getting into full interrogation mode.

"No, I actually bought it at Costco which is, I think, even dirtier," Brittany admitted, which sent everyone in the room into fits of laughter. "It was in a bin and it was cheap, I thought 'I should just get it.'"

"I would pay so much money to go back in time and get somebody to paparazzi you at the Costco buying 'Fifty Shades of Grey,'" Anna said between giggles.

"Yeah, because I had gotten corn and spinach and 'Fifty Shades of Grey,'" Brittany continued.

"You got corn?" Anna asked.

"I like big quantities of corn because I like to make corn on the cob," Brittany said, still laughing. (It took her a minute to get Anna's full meaning...)

Anyway, there you have it, Crushers. Brittany Snow: Corn-eater and "Fifty Shades of Grey" purchaser.

Corn or "Fifty Shades of Grey": Which do you prefer?