Lena Dunham Teases Mystery Men For 'Girls'

For those of you who got a kick out of the cute-but-vague season two teaser for "Girls" earlier this month, we have some more detailed fun to add to your excitement, straight from the ladies in question.

When MTV News caught up with Lena Dunham, Allison Williams and Zosia Mamet at HBO's star-studded Emmys party recently, we asked them to give us the insider scoop on what goes down in the upcoming season, particularly what guest stars Patrick Wilson and Donald Glover might be up to.

"Patrick Wilson is amazing and so ugly it's so problematic how ugly Patrick Wilson is," Lena joked. "I know it's sort of a clammy joke but what can you say about Patrick Wilson? And he's an amazing actor. He does something really amazing on the show that I'm really excited for people to see. There is the cutest assemblage of boys on the show this season, in addition to our regulars. [Donald] Glover and Patrick are who have been revealed and there are some other surprises who I think are equally delicious."

From what has been Tweeted and/or rumored, those delicious guests might also include Chris Noth, but I'd especially like to see some more of scene-stealing Jorma Taccone, who told us he'd do anything—including anything naked—to be in another episode.

"The fans will not allow Jorma, they will not allow Booth Jonathan to remain buried," Lena said.

Turning our attention back toward the ladies and their characters, Allison said that season two will let the audience "delve further into their brains" and we'll get to meet the ladies' families. Allison had no comment on my Jorma question, but it's obvious they all want him back for an appearance or two.

Last but not least, what's up with our girl Shoshanna (this writer's fave character)? Will last season's cashing in of the virginity card lead to a one-way ticket to Sluttyville?

"She gets into a lot of interesting [situations] and has a bit growth spurt I think," Zosia said with a smile. "I'll let you guys decide. You have to stay tuned, but I will say at the end of the day Shoshanna is still always a lady."

"Girls" returns in January 2013.

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