A New 'Glee' Romance Is Definitely Brewing, Jacob Artist Says

In addition to all the singing and dancing we look forward to seeing each week on "Glee," some of the most enjoyable (and sometimes fantastical) elements of the show revolve around the ever-evolving relationship drama among all the characters—their changing partners, crushes, bad decisions, etc.

Judging from preview clips, it looks like we can expect a romance between the two newest additions to McKinley High—Jake and Marley. What kind of romance the future holds for these two, we don't yet know. Thankfully, we were able to get some answers from Jake himself recently, via the man who plays him, Jacob Artist.

"I think they kind of connect on a lot of levels. I think their backgrounds and their family histories are something they both bond over, and I think that's going to be something that brings them together," Jacob said. "But we'll see what happens with the two of them."

We then brought up the fact that as the cute new dude in school, it might be better for him to take some time before coupling up, particularly since all of those girls are adorable.

"That's true," he said. "Every single one, I swear 'Glee' has the most equally talented and beautiful girls of any cast. They are all fantastic."

Enough dancing around the bush with political correctness, what does Jacob think about the Jake-Marley connection?

"I think he kind of needs someone to balance him out a little bit. I think it's also a cool dynamic because she's obviously really sweet and has this kind of pure innocence that really blends with his potentially abrasive personality. I think that the would be good for each other."

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