'Hush, Hush' EXCLUSIVE: 'Silence' Book Trailer Has Us Talking

One of the things that sets Becca Fitzpatrick's "Hush, Hush" trilogy apart from the YA pack is the sheer complexity of its plot. What with the angels and fallen angels and Nephilim and their descendants who all may or may not want each other dead. And poor Nora has spent the past two books ("Hush, Hush" and "Crescendo") trying to figure out where she fits in all this, not to mention whose side her bad-boy boyfriend/guardian-angel-gone-rogue Patch is on.

But the trailer for third book "Silence" simplifies things down to their essential core with this quote: "He will give up anything, do anything to protect her. Even remove her memories of him."

In the trailer, we see a feather falling into the ocean, and the same crashing waves as the book's cover. And then the camera pans over a still image of shirtless Patch, followed by another image of him with Nora, in the kind of desperate, tortured stance they've got to be pretty used to by now.

But what the heck does that quote mean? SPOILER ALERT! At the end of "Crescendo," Patch was willing to go rogue, defying heaven and hell just to be with Nora. But then her real father, Hank Millar, stepped in with his band of angel-hating Nephilim to take Patch away. In the excerpt of the book revealed back in May, they're back together, but it appears as if he's saying goodbye to Nora. She tells him defiantly, "This isn't over. After everything we've been through, you don't get the right to brush me off. I'm not letting you off that easily."

If Patch can remove her memories of him, however, she probably has no choice. Harsh.

What are your guesses about what happens next? What do you think of the "Silence" trailer? Share your thoughts in the comments below, and then hang tight. "Silence" is out on Tuesday, October 5. (Until then, you can have a little fun with Patch courtesy of this nifty Facebook app!)