'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: 'The Goodbye Look'

So A likes puppies now? What an onion of a villain—so many layers. Okay, so maybe A is more interested in whatever the puppy was digging around in, but if A is the kind of person that adorable innocent puppies trust, no wonder he/she/they have been flying just under the liars' radar for so long.

Aside from this end-of-ep, gloves-only-appearance, A was pretty quiet this week. With the liars’ parents keeping them all apart, there must not have been enough opportunities for group text-receiving and gasping. A’s most notable act in the episode might not even have been A: When Aria sneaks over to Spencer’s for a visit, she’s completely knocked off her boots (or, out of them, to be more precise) by a masked assailant. The assumed identity is obviously A, but there are hints that it could be (get ready for it) maybe-not-so-dead-after-all Ian!

Maybe if Aria and Spencer had had more time for sleuthing, we could have gotten to the bottom of this one, but Aria was busy breaking Ezra’s heart and Spencer has taken up a new extra curricular as Jason DiLaurentis stalker (because, oh yeah, he’s back, scarier than ever and now played by hottie actor Drew Van Acker). Before your jaw suffers permanent damage from all the dropping, let me offer some more details:

First, Aria and Ezra. Man, oh man, did Ezria reach its boiling point this week or what? First Aria is being all moody teenager and contemplating a breakup. Then Ezra talks her into coming over to hash things out, but gets stuck at an event at Hollis and basically cements her decision (and earns himself a heart-wrenching breakup note in his typewriter). Cut to his last day at Rosewood and an equally heart-wrenching—actually, no, not equally, make that "insanely more heart-wrenching" goodbye speech to the class that’s really a plea to Aria in disguise and we have second thoughts. Aria changes her mind (duh, it’s Ezra for crying out loud) and after a short-lived "maybe she was too late" moment, catches him in the parking lot for their first public kiss. It’s pretty gasp inducing because, uh, she’s still kind of jailbait, right? Teacher or no?

Spencer’s boy dramas aren’t quite as intense as Aria’s (but then, few are), but Toby has troubles of his own. His plan to get his GED and work to save money for his escape from Jenna—erm, his parents' house—hits a snag when his reputation gets him fired. Now, all seriousness and plot aside, can we take a moment to address Spencer’s choice in men? I love Toby as much as the next Toby-liking gal, but how does Miss Must-Win-Everything keep falling for the low ambition type? She never really seems happy with their lack of drive. She’s usually pushing them toward doing more. Is Rosewood just devoid of motivated men (unless you count the ones motivated to kill and leave creepy notes)?

Speaking of the good-men-are-hard-to-find dilemma in Rosewood, Hanna finally confronts her dad about his bailing on her and her mom for family 2.0. It’s a little harsh, but true that the guy only really shows his face when Hanna’s in trouble of the biggest kind. It’s not all drama and devastation for Hanna, though—she makes up with Mona, but second tier friends look more appealing when you’re banned from seeing everyone you actually like.

Now that everyone else is out of the way, let’s talk about Emily for just a minute. Did Shay Mitchell trick us? Did she dare? Could it be that Emily is not leaving Rosewood? After a scout calls her out about a possible swim scholarship—and then warns that swimming anywhere but the apparently high-ranking Rosewood would hurt her chances—Em’s mom seems to be reconsidering the move to Texas. Her new girlfriend (possibly? Does going to the movies with a cute blond make her your girlfriend? We kind of hope so—she seems like the best option post-Maya) would probably be completely on board with that decision.

We’d love Em to stay put, but what we really need is all four liars in Rosewood and on speaking terms again because Jason is being creeptastic and we’re not convinced that he’s not working with A or Ian or both. Spencer seems to the be only one really on his tail, but that kind of go-getter attitude almost got her pushed off a bell tower, so we’re hoping she takes a little backup next time.

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