'Pretty Little Liars' Season 2 Premiere Prep

After much waiting and guessing and agonizing over the identity of A and the whereabouts of Ian, "Pretty Little Liars" is finally set to return with a second season that will (hopefully, oh dear god, hopefully) answer at least some of our burning questions. But you know that old saying, "Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive?" Well, Rosewood is kind of the deception capital of the U.S., and our little liars have quite the tangled web, indeed. So before we all plop down for season two tonight, let's just take a few minutes for a little unraveling, shall we? We break down where we're at, liar by pretty little liar.

Aria (played by Lucy Hale)

No matter how much A-tastic drama goes down, it never seems to quite eclipse the allure of the Ezria storyline, does it? The need-to-know about Aria is that things with Ezra are remaining predictably complicated. Sure, he got the job at Hollis. He quit his high school gig at Rosewood. Things were looking up for the couple and then (dun dun dun!) the ex shows up. Yep, Ezra's ex-fiance is also teaching at Hollis (small world, huh?), and Aria isn't exactly gushing over that news.

Emily (played by Shay Mitchell)

Of all the liars and all of their drama, Emily's position is possibly the most surprising. When we last left our favorite fibbers, Emily's mom was seriously considering packing the fam up for a move to Texas. And, in case you're Google mapping, that's nowhere near Rosewood. We thought for sure something would come up to cause Em to stay in town, but Shay Mitchell assured us that she's really packing her bags. Yikes. Wonder when she'll be back (because she has to come back...right?)

Hanna (played by Ashley Benson)

Oh, Hanna, you and your crazy little love triangles just drive us wild. Where are we with the love life-o-Hanna? Well, take a deep breath and try to keep up: So Caleb left, obviously, and Mona is doing everything she can think of to keep it that way, even going so far as privacy invasion in the first degree (screening Hanna's calls). Enter Lucas who, in a pretty ballsy move, tells Mona she needs to back off and eventually decides to be oh-so-self-sacrificing and bring Caleb back to Hanna himself, because apparently he's the kind of guy who wants her to be happy, even if it's not with him. It would be cuter if we could be absolutely sure he wasn't driving the car that hit Spencer and Melissa.

Spencer (played by Troian Bellisario)

Speaking of Spencer, the girl was at the heart of all the heavy A drama during the finale. She got chased around, almost died (more than once), had an epic battle (okay, maybe "battle" is a slight exaggeration) with Ian and did some super sleuthing. She bought an untraceable phone and orchestrated all of the Ian investigating (even if that didn't work out so well). With Melissa and the baby in the hospital post-car accident and Ian nowhere to be found, we predict Spencer will be the most stressed of all come season two.

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