Shay Mitchell Dishes 'Pretty Little Liars' Season 2 Scoop: Emily Is Moving!

Just when you thought you were ready to pull yourself together and pick your jaw up off the floor after the "Pretty Little Liars" season one finale, the season two teasers amped up and you're sucked back in (and by "you" we mean "we"). Even if post-"PLL" life went smoother for you than us, get ready to go back to obsessively constructing theories about A's identity. Season two starts next week and a little bird spilled some secrets about what to expect.

It's a pretty trustworthy little bird too—Shay Mitchell shared some straight-from-the-set, totally dependable (assuming she's not just a pretty little liar in real life, that is) scoop on the new season. If you watched the finale, your burning question was probably the same as ours: What on earth happened to Ian? Well, Shay couldn't tell us exactly what happened (we don't want the girl to lose her job, after all), but she did say that Ian's disappearing act is one mystery that will be solved (since we don't really expect to learn who A is anytime soon).

"Basically the season premiere takes place moments after the season finale," she spilled. "So the girls leave the church and Ian’s body, as we know, is nowhere to be seen. So the whole mystery unravels and we will be finding out what happened to Ian. That I will tell you."

Well, that takes care of the season finale's biggest cliffhanger, but what about something a little more Shay-specific, like what on earth is going to happen with Emily? Moving away? Say it ain't so, Shay!

But alas, it looks like it is so. The question is: Where is she moving and how long will she be gone?

"Emily is packing boxes," she said. "So that is definitely going to happen. As far as where and how long, you will have to tune in to see, but she is moving."

Ahh, the old "you'll have to tune in" line. Well played, Shay (as if we were going to miss it anyway).

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