Girl Power: Check Out The MTV Movie Awards Nominees For Best Female Performance

Pop quiz: What do you get when you take an "It" girl, an Oscar winner, an A-List mainstay and two Emmas and put them all together? Answer: The field of contenders for Best Female Performance at this year's MTV Movie Awards. Up for the title this year are Kristen Stewart, Natalie Portman, Jennifer Aniston, Emma Stone and Emma Watson. Seriously, can we just give the award to all of them?

The category represents the best of both comedy and drama from 2010's leading ladies, making it nearly impossible to choose a favorite. How do you even begin to compare Emma Stone's laugh-out-loud "Easy A" performance with the dramatic intensity that nabbed Natalie her Oscar?

Emma Stone—"Easy A"

In all of the English language, there's really only one word that truly captures the strength of Emma's performance in "Easy A": Lawl. Props to Emma for representing funny girls everywhere and proving that you don't have to tear up to deliver an award-worthy performance.

Emma Watson—"Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1"

Okay, so we've heard from Funny Emma, now it's time for Serious Emma. After playing the same character for a decade, it would be easy to start going through the motions, but Emma has kept Hermione Granger real and engaging in every single "Harry Potter" installment. Who knew that bushy-haired little know-it-all would grow up to rival the franchise's established adult stars with her acting chops?

Jennifer Aniston—"Just Go With It"

Jennifer stands out as a veteran among the nominees. We still think Emma's hilarious, but Jennifer has been making us laugh since before we had ever heard of Emma Stone. What can we say? The lady knows her way around a comedy, and she's still got it.

Kristen Stewart—"The Twilight Saga: Eclipse"

As reigning champ in the category, Kristen might have a leg-up on the competition. She does keep us totally enthralled in the "The Twilight Saga." When we were watching her in "Eclipse," it was almost like we were choosing between Edward and Jacob (or were we just wishing we were?).

Natalie Portman—"Black Swan"

Not to put too much pressure on the rest of the nominees, but Natalie did pick up an Oscar for her "Black Swan" role. Just check out the clip. Do you see that Ugly Cry? Yeah, Natalie went for the full-on Ugly Cry. We're pretty sure we don't look that sincere when we're actually crying.

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The MTV Movie Awards air Sunday, June 5 at 9/8 C.

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