'America's Best Dance Crew' Finale To Air Before Movie Awards, Feature Crushworthy Extras!

Okay, so obviously you're psyched about the MTV Movie Awards (with so much "Twilight" and "Harry Potter," how could you not be?), but get ready to enter uber-psyched territory. Before the awards, "America's Best Dance Crew" will have its big finale at 7:30 p.m. ET/PT. Even for the less hardcore "ABDC" fans, it's an event.

But there's more! Are you an Emma Stone fan? Are you pumped about "Teen Wolf"? How do red carpet exclusives from both sound?

In between the dance-tastic action on "ABDC," there will be live interviews from the MTV Movie Awards red carpet—including exclusives from "The Help" and "Teen Wolf." In case you've forgotten, "The Help" is Emma's upcoming movie about race relations in the South in the 1960s. From the looks of the trailer, it has a pretty killer mix of drama and Emma's signature comedic flare, so a new clip (and introduced by Emma, to boot) is pretty exciting news. Or you know, at least if you're a bookworm/movie geek who counts down to adaptations with heavy anticipation.

And then there's "Teen Wolf." Oh, Teen" Wolf," how we hope you'll ease the hurt between "Twilight" movies this summer. Not convinced? All the more reason to check out the interview with the cast. How else can we judge Tyler Posey's ability to fill the Jacob Black-shaped void we know will be left in our hearts after "Breaking Dawn: Part 2"?

Do you feel the Summer Entertainment Bonanza excitement starting yet? We sure do.

Will you be tuning into the "ABDC" finale? Tell us in the comments!