'Hush, Hush' Author Becca Fitzpatrick (And Fans) Help Shape Graphic Novel

Are fans of traditional YA novels eager to pick up graphic novel versions of their favorite books? Judging by the feedback "Hush, Hush" author Becca Fitzpatrick gets on her blog every time she posts a sketch from Sea Lion Books' upcoming adaptation of her fallen angel stories, due out in October, that's a resounding "yes."

Shortly after Becca revealed the preliminary sketches by Jennyson Rosero of bad-boy fallen angel Patch and Nora, the girl he's either trying to kill or trying to save, she was flooded with responses, both positive ("I WANT IT!") and not so much ("No offense but this guy looks like your typical a--hole").

"I've been really happy with the sketches the artist has done," Becca told us recently. "He's really talented and he's worked hard to get the right vision. But there's still readers out there saying, 'Oh, that's not what I picture for Patch!' They're very vocal. A lot of them, they know what they want, and that's great."

The folks at Sea Lion apparently think it's great too, so they took in some of the criticism before handing over a new version of Patch. And they're so excited about his latest look, they asked Jennyson to whip up another one just for us, in which Patch's infamous baseball cap sports an old-school MTV logo (see an enlarged version after the jump!).

While Becca has her hands full putting the finishing touches on the trilogy's conclusion, "Silence," we wondered if this kind of fan input gets a little, well, stressful. "It's fun for things like [the graphic novel], where I'm not in charge, where I can be someone who sits back and observes," she said, but when it comes to her own books, reader suggestions aren't a realistic option. "Most of what people suggest wouldn't work until the end of the novel. 'Just let Patch and Nora be in love, Vee find a boyfriend, let everything be perfect for the characters.' That would make a very short novel!"

If Becca is open to seeing her work translated into full-color illustrations on the page, the obvious next question is, does she want to see a "Hush, Hush" movie? "I'm torn. I'm on the fence," she admitted. "I can't imagine trying to please everyone. Maybe I'm just a little bit too much of a control freak, but it's kind of scary thinking I'm handing my story over to someone to do what they want with it. I think I'm more comfortable with the idea of a [graphic] book because I write books."

After seeing Jennyson's vision of Patch and Nora, we're excited to see how he'll draw Nora's voluptuous BFF, Vee. "In my head, Vee is very attractive. In fact, Nora says that Vee is prettier than she is. But she is bigger-boned, and I'm curious to see how they draw her too," Becca said. And though she said some of her more vocal readers aren't big fans of Nora's sassy, boy-crazy friend, Becca stands by her character. "I love Vee. She's my favorite character. I've always said that. You have this angsty teenage moments going on, but you need something light. You need those moments where you can just step back and laugh, and Vee does that."

What do you think of Patch sporting one of our signature hats? Will you buy the graphic novel when it comes out? Tell us everything in the comments and on Twitter!