'Spiderwick' Author Holly Black Gets Unexcited For 'White Cat' Movie

Good friends and fellow YA authors Holly Black and Cassandra Clare have a number of things in common, from shoe size to their office assistant, and they've been on tour together for the past month to celebrate the release of Cassie's "City of Fallen Angels" and Holly's "Red Glove," the second book in her "Curse Workers" trilogy. Holly was the first of the two to see her books made into a movie—she's the co-author of the "Spiderwick Chronicles" series, which became a film in 2008. Now that Cassie's "City of Bones" is making its way to the big screen, has Holly shared any advice?

"I think the thing that's hardest about the experience, especially when it's the first time you go through it, is you know on one hand that you should never get excited—everyone tells you that you should never get excited," Holly said of the long book-to-movie process. "It was helpful to just wait and know that it was going to heat up and slow down and it takes however long it takes. But I remember walking around the ['Spiderwick'] set, walking through the goblin forest and thinking, 'OK, I think I can get excited now.'"

Now, as she's been watching Cassie interact with the fans and the studio all day long as they decide who should play demon-battling Shadowhunter Jace, Holly's got to fight back her own excitement all over again: She revealed that the "Curse Workers" has just been optioned by Vertigo Pictures and producer Mark Morgan.

"I'm not excited. No!" Holly told us, not quite smothering her grin. "No, I am excited."

Well, we're excited to see how they choose to adapt the story of the teenage son of a magically gifted grifting family (in a world where "curse" work, like giving luck, changing people's memories or making people fall in love, is illegal). Actually, I'm so enthralled by the magic/organized-crime concept, I want it to be a TV show that never ends.

Have you read Holly Black's "White Cat" and "Red Glove"? Who would you cast as Cassel Sharpe? Talk about it in the comments and on Twitter!