The 'Modern Family' Season Finale And BET Award Nominations In Today's Tweet Dreams

With just a few hours until the season finale (sniff!) of "Modern Family's" first season airs, all we have to do is sit back and wait for the funny. The stars on the other hand, are our promoting the episode like crazy! Sofia Vergara took time out of her "Smurfs" schedule to do a spot with her "Modern Family" cast mates, sharing with followers that she was, "Getting ready for Good Morning America!!! With the cast od Mod Fam!" Meanwhile, Eric Stonestreet couldn't help but ponder via Twitter, "Why o why can't it be Good Late Afternoon America?"

Elsewhere, other stars were waking up to the news that they were nominated for BET Awards, including Young Stars nominee Keke Palmer (pictured), who posted, " BET NOMINATIONS!" One person's nomination certainly garnered a lot of buzz around the Twitterverse (although pretty much anything he does becomes a trending topic) was Justin Bieber. The singer, who is up for Best New Artist, tweeted to naysayers, "Music is the universal language no matter the country we are born in or the color of our skin. Brings us all together." On the movie spectrum, Gabourey Sidibe and Zoe Saldana are amongst those up for trophies.

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@katyperry P.s. Good morning! I luv being up in time for a McD's breakfast. Not that I eat that... well she has a hash brown every blue moon...

-Katy Perry, Singer

@krisallen The KFC Double Down is such a greasy slap in the face to all the health food nuts.

-Kris Allen, Singer

@johnstamos fire evacuation from my fav hotel Grand Californian @ Disney - saw nakedness I shouldn't have seen

-John Stamos, Actor ("Full House")

@khloekardashian Man, I really knew how to live when I was 2 1/2 years old...

-Khloe Kardashian, Reality Star ("Keeping Up With the Kardashians")

@mrjaymanuel OMG... I just had a personalized ring tone go off in public and it was super embarrassing! Has that happened to you?

-Jay Manuel, Reality Star ("America's Next Top Model")

@ellendegeneres I don’t wanna spread rumors, but Robert Pattinson has a “head full of nits.” His words, not mine.

-Ellen DeGeneres, TV Host ("The Ellen DeGeneres Show")

@mariolopezextra My dog Julio already molested my moms dog Bonita. Poor thing is traumatized. He even tried to have his way with a cat!

-Mario Lopez, Actor, TV Host ("Extra")

@pink my poor bailey.he has 2 wear 1 of those silly plastic cones on his head. he keeps running into stuff and the other dogs are laughing at him.

-Pink, Singer

@conanobrien I'm in New York for a TBS network presentation. They just told me they're a basic cable network. WTF!!!?

-Conan O'Brien, TV Host ("Late Night With Conan O'Brien")

@daxshepard1 New York, thank you for being the greatest city in world yet again. You deserve your own Jay-Z song.

-Dax Shepard, Actor ("Parenthood," "Baby Mama")