Amanda Seyfried Talks Anxiety Attacks, 'Mean Girls,' And Hollywood Popularity In Allure: Cover Story

Amanda Seyfried For a 23-year-old college dropout, "Big Love" star Amanda Seyfried has the breadth of life experiences someone twice her age would covet. She spent her childhood modeling. She studied opera. And worked alongside Meryl Streep. She's even presented at the Academy Awards with Robert Pattinson (swoon!). To any onlooker it would appear Amanda's led a charmed life. But it hasn't been without its trials. The star of the upcoming "Jennifer's Body" opened up to Allure magazine (see her full cover image after the jump) about her recurring anxiety attacks, her breakout role in "Mean Girls," and how Tinseltown is one big high school cafeteria.

Amanda is candid about the things she doesn't like about herself; among them her stubby nails and roller-coaster emotions, the latter of which leads to anxiety attacks at the most inopportune moments. “I suffer from anxiety attacks a lot,” she explained. “Like, the other day, I had an attack in the middle of a relaxing massage: My head was just spinning, and I felt nauseous! I was saying to myself, Just don’t make a scene! Finish this massage, or you’re going to be really annoyed with yourself.”

It's anxiety, however, that Amanda says gives her acting an edge. Perhaps it was just such an edge that helped her land her breakout role as ditzy Karen Smith in "Mean Girls," the flick that made stars out of Lindsay Lohan and Rachel McAdams.

"Oh, thank God for 'Mean Girls'! That put me on the map!" Amanda said. "I definitely knew it would be a success. I was like, There's no way this movie can go wrong."

It's probably fitting then that a former "Plastic" describes Hollywood in terms of a popularity contest. “Hollywood is just like high school: The popular people love the other popular people. And the thing is, some people aren’t nice,” she said hesitantly. “Or they are nice, but only to your face, not elsewhere." Amanda is quick to point out that she's not innocent of girl crimes either. “I do my fair share of judging when I see certain women on the covers of magazines. I think, Why is she on the cover? But then I try to think, Oh, wow — she really does look good."

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