Bradley Cooper Linked To Denise Richards & We Wonder: Who Hasn't The Actor Dated?

Bradley Cooper These days Bradley Cooper is hot. And, it seems with all his new-found fame and box-office success, the actor is having a romance rumor hangover. He's being linked to a slew of famous actresses — the latest of which is Denise Richards.

However, Bradley's reps, and even Denise herself, have now put that game of telephone to rest when she Tweeted that it was "B.S." His reps, according to Extra, also claimed that their reported dinner date was just a ploy put out there by some diet program in order for them to get press.

But, Bradley hasn't just been linked to Denise, he's also been romantically linked to the queen of, well, getting romantically linked, his "He's Just not that Into You" co-star, Jennifer Aniston. He, however, says that that rumor is also just that. "I met her 3 times in my life," he told People, adding that he was "very flattered" by the rumors. But, we should note that the pair once again got everyone talking a few weeks later when, as People also reported, they supposedly went on another date with each other.

It's not just those two ladies who have found their names in headlines with Bradley either. Bridget Jones (a.k.a. Renee Zellweger) has also been linked to the actor after the pair supposedly went on a romantic date in NYC, according to Us Weekly.

So, who do you think is best for Bradley: Renee, Jen or Denise? Or, would you prefer to be in the running?