Sorry Ladies! Gerard Butler Says 'The Ugly Truth' Is Actually A Man's Movie

If you decide to drag your boyfriend out to "The Ugly Truth" this weekend and he uses the argument that it's just another chick flick, then you can just tell him that the film's male star, Gerard Butler, actually thinks this is more a guy's film than anything else.

He says that his character, Mike, a chauvinistic TV host, brings enough raunch to the table (and to Katherine Heigl's character's life) that the guys are sure to love his dirty advice on how to attract guys, which he says, "always touches on something that has an element of truth." Press play above to hear more what Mr. Butler has to say and keep reading more about his male-oriented opinions after the jump.

"I think its a movie for the guys," he added about the flick's raunchy undertone. "I think it's more of a sex comedy than a romantic comedy."

It’s Mike's advice that will have the guy's cheering and the girl's squirming. "I agree with some of them," he told MTV News about Mike's sometimes ugly tips on how Abby should attract a boyfriend. "I think that there's a lot of truth in the way men heed things in the relationship and the way men don't often speak their minds. And there is a huge difference between us and women and the way we view life and the way we view sex and the way we view seduction and relationships."

But if you're wondering how much Butler is like Mike in real life, he's not too similar to sometimes outrageous on-screen persona. "Do I hold true to all of his thoughts? No because they're kind of ridiculous but that's what's fun about the movie. Whenever there's a truth in any comedy and then you take that and then you send into out of space, that's hilarious."