Will 'Are You The One?''s Anthony And Geles Be The Season's First Perfect Match?

On tonight's episode, the golden twosome headed to the Truth Booth

It's the moment of truth for Are You The One's Anthony and Geles.

Dubbed the "golden couple" of Season 6 (thanks, Nicole), the duo entered the stressful Truth Booth to find out if they are indeed compatible. Unfortunately, we're going to have to wait until next week to get some answers (darn cliffhanger ending!).


But before we get a "perfect match" or "no match" verdict, let's rehash the possible PMs, who have had a connection from day one and are considered one of the strongest pairings in the house. For his part, Anthony is drawn to the former cheerleader's Latin spice, dubbing her his "little Sriracha bottle." Geles, meanwhile, is completely and totally smitten with the California native.

"I literally love him," the brunette told her housemates. "Should I propose? I've packed my wedding gown, and there's 10 bridesmaid dresses for y'all."


Despite Geles confessing she's cheated on every single boyfriend she's ever had, the forever-faithful Anthony said he appreciates her honesty and seems ready to give his little Latina the devoted attention she craves. Their strong connection resulted in the house unanimously voting them in to the TB with the hopes of nabbing the first perfect match — and getting them all one step closer to the million-dollar cash prize.

More importantly, as Ethan says, "If we don't get Anthony and Geles in the Truth Booth, they're just going to be glued to each other's hip for the rest of the time in the house, and that's good for nobody. So we need answers." E-Money is, er, right on the money, because this is a very real and all-too-common AYTO occurrence.

Could Gelanthony be the first to hit up the honeymoon suite? Tell us what you think, then tune in for the outcome next Wednesday at 10/9c!

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