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Someone Copped A Wu-Tang Clan Album For Millions Of Dollars

Yes. One copy of one album for millions of dollars.

You can stream most of your favorite albums online for free (or close to it), so why would anyone buy one copy of one LP for millions of dollars?

I ask that because Wu-Tang Clan’s Once Upon A Time In Shaolin was just sold for a price “in the millions," according to Forbes.

Why so much?

"The idea that music is art has been something we advocated for years," RZA told Forbes last year. "And yet it doesn’t receive the same treatment as art in the sense of the value of what it is, especially nowadays when it’s been devalued and diminished to almost the point that it has to be given away for free."

It might be a good thing that the owner’s identity is being kept under wraps. Whoever has the album reportedly can’t release it for 88 years. That means, some hardcore Wu fans might be bothering that person for nearly a century just to get a listen. Can you imagine that type of ruckus in your life?

You may still get a chance to hear the project. There are talks of a possible tour where listening sessions could be organized in galleries or museums. It’s unclear if that will actually happen, but it could be good news for every Wu fan who didn’t cough up the mills for this LP.

Last year, Wu-Tang also dropped A Better Tomorrow and you can hear that project below for nowhere near a million dollars.