Was Monica Lewinsky A Bad Bitch? 'Uncommon Sense' Discusses

Charlamagne and the "Uncommon Sense" panel choose their bad bitches of the '90s

According to this definition, the '90s featured a slew of bad bitches. TLC are easy selections, three ladies outspoken about protection and what friendship means to them (also about the kind of scrubs they definitely don't want). Margaret Cho is another, a comedian with solid thoughts on being a woman, being an Asian woman and LGBT rights. Then, of course, there's Lisa Simpson, the raddest and smartest bad bitch of them all. Lisa would forever be true to who she really was.

On this week's "Uncommon Sense", the panel - rapper Redman, hip hop artist NORE, Damien Lemon ("Guy Code") and artist Tracy G - and Charlamagne discuss their bad bitch choices of the '90s. Selections include Janet Jackson, "Boy Meets World" love interest Topanga and Princess Jasmine of "Aladdin". Watch the rest of their selections below and make sure to tune in to "Uncommon Sense", Wednesdays at 11/10c on MTV2. Who's your bad bitch of the '90s?