Miss Cleo Never Did THIS: See How A Psychic Used Her Powers In Chinatown

Fortune-telling was all the rage on this week's 'Middle of the Night Show.'

We didn't need psychic powers to know that having dinner with a bona fide clairvoyant would be cosmically entertaining -- we've got the "Middle of the Night Show" to prove it.

During tonight's episode, Brian "Murph" Murphy had guest host Emily Kinney -- you know her as Beth Greene from AMC's horror hit "The Walking Dead" -- read off some segment intros for different parts of the show. The wildest one of them all: "Psychic Chinatown Dim Sum Challenge."

It seems Murph wanted to take a psychic out to dinner in Chinatown and see if she would be able to properly predict just what kind of dumplings he'd be biting into before he even got to munching. Using her mystical powers of foresight, the intuitive lady drew some cards and predicted...well, we're certainly not going to give it away!

To test your psychic power as well, take a guess and watch the clip below:

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