Acts of Treachery: This Is What Happened When Ja Rule's Kids Didn't Want To Go Camping

See how the rapper-dad reacted on 'Follow The Rules'!

Chances are, Ja Rule's kids think "roughing it" is a weekend without a spa or Xbox -- so what did they do when their rapper-dad took them camping? One word for you: sabotage.

On tonight's episode of "Follow The Rules," Ja planned the trip because he wanted a little family time — but his children Brittney, Jeffrey Jr. and Jordy hatched a plan to end the excursion early. Their methods of madness: buying bad fishing bait, convincing Ja not to bring a grill, and pushing him to purchase an incredibly difficult-to-assemble tent. It was all going perfectly…until their mom whipped out some extra rations she'd brought.

"Mom sabotaged the sabotage. You can't do that!" said an exasperated Jordy. They tried to continue their treachery by burning the food she brought, but that's when Ja informed them that they would be the one's sleeping in the annoying tent -- and that they'd have to spend the night without food. Their reactions? Priceless. Check out the clip below:

How would you have reacted if you were one of Ja's kids? Sound off in the comments, and don’t miss the double-episode finale of “Follow the Rules” next Monday at 10/9c!