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Fetty Wap Made It Rain Thousands Of Dollars On Fans At The Mall

Lots and lots of cash.

If you're a rapper, there are many ways to give back. You could volunteer your time. You could start a foundation. You could donate money.

Or, like Fetty Wap over the weekend, you could throw money in a public place for people to rabidly grab.

Fetty, who shall from this point forward be known as The Robin Hood Of Paterson, New Jersey, was at the Garden State Plaza mall in his home state on Saturday when he started feeling generous, reckless, or some combination of the two. He reportedly tossed $2700 in the air -- $2000 in singles, and $700 in $20s.

So, what compels someone to commit such an act? Based on how many $1s he had, my guess would have been that Fetty was on the way to the strip club but then had a change of heart. But it's actually something much more touching: He spent the day with his daughter and was bursting with love.

The holiday season must have the 24-year-old feeling like a family man. Not only did he hang with his daughter on Saturday, but he also dropped a new song, called "Grandma," which he says is off of an upcoming new EP. So if you weren't one of the lucky ones to catch Fetty's cash, catching his new jams will have to do.