Which 'Saved By The Bell' Girl Is Your Spirit Sister? [Quiz]

'I'm so excited!'

Even if you didn't get your diploma from Bayside High, Mr. Belding and his prized back of popular students (erm, and Screech) totally took you to school with them back in the day.

Whether it was Jessie Spano (Elizabeth Berkeley) example-teaching everyone about the dangers of caffeine pills in the most memorable-slash-ridiculous moment of the series, or Kelly Kapowski (Tiffani Amber Thiessen) navigating the stormy waters of dating the class player, or Lisa Turtle (Lark Voorhies) batting down the exhaustively endless affections of a guy who didn't understand the whole concept of "no means 'no,' not 'maybe later,'" "Saved By the Bell" was flush with important lessons on how to be a ~young adult~ in Gen Y. Especially for the ladies.

Chances are, you consider yourself a Jessie, Kelly or a Lisa already, but if you want to *really* figure out which of the "Saved By the Bell" girls is your TV twin, this little quiz will give you the grades.